Social Studies 10-4: Living in a Globalizing World


Instructional Supports for All Students: High School Social Studies supports learning for students in Social Studies 10-4 and 10-2 by providing activities, assessments, resources and strategies for scaffolding instruction and learning. Get started with Related Issue 1 by clicking the Suggested Activities tab and selecting one of the activities overviews.

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Program of Studies details

Key Issue:

Should we embrace globalization?

Key Outcome – How we will explore the Key Issue:

Students will examine globalization with emphasis on the influence of globalization
on local communities.

General Outcome – How we will explore the Related Issue:

Students will explore the impacts of globalization on their everyday lives.

Theme and Learning Targets

The suggested activities and assessments for Related Issue 1 are based on the theme below. For a summary of the Related Issue 1 outcomes for instruction and assessment, click the Learning Targets button. If you are teaching classes that include students in Social Studies 10-4 and 10-2, click the Working with Multiple Courses button for initial considerations.

Theme used to explore related issue 1 and its general outcome:

Explore understandings of globalization and identity by examining how globalization of media and communications (e.g., news, Internet, phones, music and TV) impacts identity and diversity.

Suggested Activities

The following table shows the suggested activities and focuses for assessment to address Related Issue 1.

  Activities Overviews and Suggested Activities for Related Issue 1
Focuses for Assessment Globalization Awareness – Get with It! What Do You Think?
describe understandings of globalization Describing Globalization  
analyze positive and negative consequences
of globalization
Globalization: Is It Worth It?  
examine ways Canadians express their identities   Expressing Ourselves
analyze the impact of media and communications
technology on diversity
  The Impact of Outside Influences
state and support a position   Arriving at a Conclusion