Guide to Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

CTS Health and Safety Resource




This CTS Health and Safety resource is for information only and supports teachers in their delivery of CTS courses within the classroom by providing best practices and suggestions on general health and safety. The information provided in this resource is solely for the user’s information and convenience and, while thought to be accurate and functional, it is provided without warranty of any kind. The Crown, its agents, employees, or contractors will not be liable to you for any damages, direct or indirect, arising out of your use of the information contained in the resource.


The CTS Health and Safety resource is a general resource and is not intended to and does not replace health and safety polices and practices your school board or school may have in place or the safety instructions or directions on use of equipment and materials provided by the manufacturer. If in doubt with respect to any information contained within the resource or for confirmation of safety or legal requirements, contact your school principal.


The CTS Health and Safety resource is current to 2013. Best practices are constantly changing with new equipment, technology, processes, legislation, amendments to existing legislation, and decisions from the courts. It is imperative that you keep yourself informed of the current safety best practices.


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