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2020/21 School Year Learning Options

Find guidance and plans for students returning to classrooms at Get information about education options for students learning from home at Check with your school or school authority about other learning options and how to register students for the 2020/21 school year.

Permissions to Print or Copy

Please note, the following permissions to print or make copies of resources owned by Alberta Education are in place until students have returned to their regular classrooms in their local schools and the CMOH Order 01-2020 is rescinded or no longer in effect. Read More...

Expired Resources

Alberta Education removes resources when a publishing permission expires and the publisher chooses not to renew it. As a result, the following resources will no longer be available through If you would still like access to any of these resources, please contact the publisher directly.

January 2020

Pearson science and math PDFs for:
  • Science in Action 7, 8 and 9
  • Addison Wesley Science 10
  • Math Makes Sense 5, 7 and 8

Teaching and Learning Resource Maintenance

Alberta Education regularly reviews resources to assess use, functionality, cost-effectiveness and alignment with curriculum. The following resources will no longer be available through and will be transitioned to the Authorized Learning Resource Database.

June 2020

Web updates will be limited during the election.
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Are you looking for help planning your career? Do you want to explore occupations and opportunities in Alberta? Check out the Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) website and make the most of your future.

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Student Learning Hub

Find literacy, numeracy, and wellness resources for parents and teachers to support student learning when school resumes in September 2020. Click here to view the Student Learning Hub

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